Ticket Managers


Rich Schrenker || Ticket Sales Manager

Direct Line: 302.883.6545
Email: rschrenker@dovermotorsports.com
Twitter: @MonsterMile
Birth Day: May 17

I've worked with companies and individual fans for more than 10 years, helping them to locate and purchase seats and other products to ensure that they enjoy their day at the Speedway. I am an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan and also enjoy Pitt Panthers football, especially the backyard brawl against the Mountaineers of WVU. I'm the owner of a '57 Chevy and attend many classic car shows in Delaware and surrounding states.

Race Weekend Words of Wisdom:
Never let a bad situation escalate. Get assistance from a Speedway representative. Wear comfortable shoes and get here early!

Favorite Driver(s):
24 - Jeff Gordon, 88 - Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 99 - Carl Edwards

Favorite Monster Mile Moment:
On September 11, 2001 our country was attacked by terrorists and the Dover race was the first NASCAR event to be held after the attack. We had 140,000 people in the stands that Sunday, and race sponsor MBNA in cooperation with the American Legion provided flags for everyone in the stands.  It was an amazing site and an emotional moment to see more than 100,000 American Flags waving at the pre-race events in an electrically-charged, patriotic atmosphere. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race and held a huge American Flag out the driver’s side window during his victory lap. That day made me proud to be associated with NASCAR and proud to be an American.