A Guide to Tricked-Out Tech at the NASCAR Track | Dover International Speedway

August 7, 2015

A Guide to Tricked-Out Tech at the NASCAR Track

Tech By Joe Kukura

Race fans have a tradition of going all-out when attending a NASCAR race, whether it’s their campsite barbecue, tailgate parties or the greatest gadgets for making the most of a race-day experience. If you’re looking for the best NASCAR apps and devices for going to see a race, NASCAR and others offer lots of gadgets and gizmos that make you feel right in the driver’s seat or embedded with the pit crew.

Even if you’re there at the track for a live race, the elements and excitement may distract you from realizing who is in contention, where the leaderboard stands or how each development affects the live NASCAR standings. And there is no way you can track all the detailed statistics affecting your NASCAR fantasy team without a device on hand. That’s why NASCAR fans have a killer selection of devices only available at the track and apps that can do all of these things and make you feel like you’re right in the race while you watch from the stands.

NASCAR scanners

You’ll sometimes see people wearing a big set of chunky headphones at the track. They are not listening to Garth Brooks or Pitbull. Those people are immersed in the race-day experience of a NASCAR scanner, a fabulous radio device that delivers your choice of TV and radio race broadcasts or audio feed of any drivers’ real-time communications with their pit crews anRentG4Package-RE1000.jpgd spotters.

Each driver in the race has a NASCAR scanner frequency where you can listen to their real-time radio communications with their crew. You can also listen to the race officials’ frequency, fire and safety crews and even the racetrack weather forecasts. Some scanners out there receive more than 400 channels for every Sprint Cup, Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series race.

You can buy scanners online or rent them at the track at most NASCAR events. Some tracks, like Dover International Speedway, allow you to rent scanners online in advance for a discount.

NASCAR FanVision

NASCAR scanners are great, but the NASCAR FanVision adds live video, digital audio, instant replays and live leaderboards for a high-tech smart device experience. Upgrading to NASCAR FanVision is like upgrading from your old flip phone to a brand-new high-end smartphone.

The Monster Mile is now offering a brand new FanVision Plus Package for the upcoming Sprint Cup Series in October, where fans get a ticket to the NASCAR race, a free parking pass on the Speedway grounds, a FanVision rental for all three days of race weekend, a take-home souvenir program, and a Trackside Access pass that allows you to roam the frontstretch on Sunday morning.

Dover International Speedway mobile appTech-2

The official Dover International Speedway app for iPhone and Android is a sure bet at the Monster Mile and an indispensable addition to any race car fan’s smartphone. Purchase tickets, find your seats, view a map of the track, keep tabs on the weather and get the full driver appearances schedule right in the palm of your hand on race day.

The most impressive part of this app just might be the “At the Track” section that lists all of the FanZone and FunZone activities along with a food vendor guide, scavenger hunt details, photo booth info and much ado about Dover you simply won’t find via any other app. You can also join the conversation via social media right within the app itself.

It’s everything you need to get you from your home, to the track and back.

NASCAR RaceBuddy

Buddy, if you can’t be at the track watching the race, NASCAR RaceBuddy brings the race to you. With your choice of 10 channels of live in-car HD video feeds, NASCAR RaceBuddy puts you right in the car with your favorite driver during the race. RaceBuddy is a streaming service for desktops but also plays within the NASCAR Mobile app upon purchase.

If you’re using NASCAR Mobile or FanVision, realize that Wi-Fi connectivity may vary at any particular racetrack. But no matter which track you’re at, being among 90,000 other NASCAR fans with their phones on will always affect your signal quality.

But on race weekends, is there anywhere else in the world you’d rather be? Start planning your next NASCAR trip with a mind toward the gadgets and gizmos that enhance the race and put you in the Chase for the Cup, even from up in the stands.

Let your tech flag fly when NASCAR returns to Dover International Speedway October 2 to 4. Visit www.doverspeedway.com for discounted ticket packages.



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