Design-It-Yourself Payment Program

Pay off your NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tickets at your own pace!

BuyEarlySaveMore copyIn an effort to make paying off your NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tickets at the Monster Mile as easy as possible, we continue to offer our Design-It-Yourself Payment Program, allowing you to set the pace at which you pay off your tickets.

Here’s how it works — all you need to do is put 10% of your payment down on your NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tickets. After that initial payment, you can pay off the remainder of your balance at your own pace, putting down as little or as much as you want with each payment. If you want to make payments of $1 at a time, that’s fine…$5 at a time, also good…or if you want to pay your tickets off in one sum, we’re OK with that too. You’re the boss on this one!

All you need to do is have your tickets paid off by the track’s deadline, which typically falls just inside two months of race weekend.

For more information on the Design-It-Yourself Payment Program, call our ticket office at 800-441-RACE.