Flash Seats

Using Flash Seats for your NASCAR tickets at the Monster Mile is easy! Just:

  1. Buy your tickets in advance.
  2. Go to the entrance on raceday with your credit card you used to purchase your tickets in hand.
  3. Swipe your credit card, and you’re in!

About Flash Seats

Getting In

Flash Seats eliminates the hassle of paper tickets! Instead of a paper ticket, you can use the credit card you purchased your tickets with as your method of getting in to the race. Your card will be swiped at the admission gate using a hand-held device. You will receive a seat locator identifying your seats. It’s really fast.

Sell Seats You Can’t Use!

Have a seat in your Flash Seats account that you can’t use? Sell It Now! Selling seats has never been easier or faster. You can sell any seat securely and anonymously in our online electronic marketplace. Review your seats, select those you can’t use, and list them for sale at the price you want. With electronic ticketing, buyers can purchase your seats right up until event time!

Transfer in a Flash!

Want to invite someone to an event? Transfer seats to anyone with internet access (corporate guests, friends) — at any time — via email.

To log in to your Flash Seats account or create a new account, click here.

For more information on Flash Seats at the Monster Mile, click here.