June 10, 2013

Experience the thrill of the Monster Mile from behind the wheel with Monster Racing!

Over the years, NASCAR drivers have had quite a bit to say about racing at Dover International Speedway. You can simply flip through the pages of this program, and in almost any story find a unique quote from a driver about the challenges of racing at the Monster Mile.

You’ve probably heard things such as, “It’s like racing in a giant cereal bowl,” or “It’s like running down a hallway at 200 mph.” When it comes to taking on the high banks of the one-mile, concrete oval, there is no denying the sensation of speed or level of thrill.

What you might not know is that the drivers that hit the track from Friday to Sunday of Dover’s two annual race weekends aren’t the only ones that can experience that thrill; because with Monster Racing, you can get out of the stands and onto the track.

This driving experience, available at Dover International Speedway gives the ordinary fan the chance to take on the Monster Mile and experience all the things they’ve heard their favorite drivers say about by either driving or riding along at the track.

Founded in 1995 by legendary NASCAR stock car driver Reds Kagle and his partner, Sonny Kruhm, Monster Racing has always been focused on one thing — putting on a good show.

And that show, mind you, is not just reserved for NASCAR fans. Monster Racing is a one-of-a-kind thrill seeker attraction, and provides quite possibly the most up close and personal introduction to the sport one could get without actually suiting up and jumping behind the wheel to take on the stars of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on Sundays.

Monster Racing strives to give fans a truly authentic experience, allowing all participants to walk away with an understanding of what NASCAR drivers get when they turn laps at Dover.

Need more proof that this is as authentic an opportunity that you get to actually drive or ride along the Monster Mile?

Then look no further than the list of drivers who have turned laps with Monster Racing, either in an attempt to familiarize themselves with the track if they had little experience on it in the past, or just to come out and show some fans a good time.

With that, the company also works to make sure it is overtly safe, attractive to participants and their guests, and, at all times, considered worth the money for anyone who participates.

Fans can ride along with a Monster Racing instructor for a thrill ride on Mondays after race weekend, but there are also numerous dates throughout the year for fans to again ride along, or even get behind the wheel and drive the car themselves!

Just call 800-GO-TO-WIN (468-6946) or visit for more information or to book this one-of-a-kind experience now!

Some Well-Known Monster Racing Participants
Rusty Wallace
Ron Hornaday
David Gilliland
Ryan Truex
Joey Coulter
Max Papis
Marc Davis
Ruben Pardo
C.J. Faison
Cole Custer
Cale Conley
Nick Drake
Dion Cicceralli



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