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March 22, 2015

How to pack a mean cooler for a day at Dover

By Joe Kukura

Everyone’s a race fan the weekend NASCAR comes to the Monster Mile, and everyone is sure to work up a monstrous appetite long before the drivers start their engines. That’s why the good folks at Dover allow fans to bring food and beverages into the track for NASCAR events.Buckle Up 200 Presented By Click It Or Ticket

Heck, they even allow alcohol!

So, in anticipation of NASCAR and the jam-packed weekend of race events at the Monster Mile, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to jam-pack your cooler for your whole family or pit crew.

Keep it clean
Clean your cooler out thoroughly beforehand. This provides a bacteria-free environment for food to remain fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Besides, a smelly cooler isn’t cool.

Chill out
Don’t just stick food and drinks in the cooler straight from the grocery bag. Chill and refrigerate everything first. Your items will remain cooler for longer, and cold items will help the entire cooler stay fresh and cold.Stands2-600

Pack wicked smart
Start by putting beverages at the bottom of your cooler—put a layer of ice over the cans or bottles so the ice falls into the little gaps to keep them cold. This way, they’ll stay cold for the long day ahead.

Pack the food on top of the ice. The food items will be easier to find and the ice and cold beverages will keep the food cool. Misc2

Make sure to pack your cooler as full as possible. Empty space in your cooler represents warm air, and you want as little warm air in there as possible to prevent spoilage.

Bag it
Perishable food will go bad in its store-bought packaging once the packaging has been opened. But packing the items into watertight, reusable plastic baggies will save space and keep your perishable food items fresh.

Get each other’s back
Cans and bottles take up a lot of space in your cooler. Once you’re at Dover, you can carry your beverages in a cooler backpack or drink-dispenser backpack, many of which are equipped with sipping tubes or dispensing guns.

If you’re making plans to hit the Monster Mile this spring, familiarize yourself with all of Dover’s track policies, and be sure to pack your cooler like a champ, so your food and beverages stick around until the checkered flag.

Dover International Speedway will host three full days of NASCAR events from May 29 to 31. Visit for tickets.



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