Race Winners / Fastest Qualifiers | Dover International Speedway

Race Winners / Fastest Qualifiers

List of race winners & fastest qualifiers at Dover International Speedway


7/06/1969Mason-Dixon 300Richard PettyDavid Pearson
9/20/1970Mason-Dixon 300Richard PettyBobby Isaac
6/06/1971Mason-Dixon 500Bobby AllisonRichard Petty
10/17/1971Delaware 500Richard PettyBobby Allison
6/04/1972Mason-Dixon 500Bobby AllisonBobby Isaac
9/17/1972Delaware 500David PearsonBobby Allison
6/03/1973Mason-Dixon 500David PearsonDavid Pearson
9/16/1973Delaware 500David PearsonDavid Pearson
5/19/1974Mason-Dixon 500Cale YarboroughDavid Pearson
9/15/1974Delaware 500Richard PettyBuddy Baker
5/19/1975Mason-Dixon 500David PearsonDavid Pearson
9/14/1975Delaware 500Richard PettyDave Marcis
5/16/1976Mason-Dixon 500Benny ParsonsDave Marcis
9/19/1976Delaware 500Cale YarboroughCale Yarborough
5/15/1977Mason-Dixon 500Cale YarboroughRichard Petty
9/18/1977Delaware 500Benny ParsonsNeil Bonnett
5/21/1978Mason-Dixon 500David PearsonBuddy Baker
9/17/1978Delaware 500Bobby AllisonJ.D. McDuffie
5/20/1979Mason-Dixon 500Neil BonnettDarrell Waltrip
9/16/1979CRC Chemicals 500Richard PettyHarry Gant
5/18/1980Mason-Dixon 500Bobby AllisonCale Yarborough
9/14/1980CRC Chemicals 500Darrell WaltripCale Yarborough
5/17/1981Mason-Dixon 500Jody RidleyDavid Pearson
9/20/1981CRC Chemicals 500Neil BonnettRicky Rudd
5/16/1982Mason-Dixon 500Bobby AllisonDarrell Waltrip
9/19/1982CRC Chemicals 500Darrell WaltripRicky Rudd
5/15/1983Mason-Dixon 500Bobby AllisonJoe Ruttman
9/18/1983Budweiser 500Bobby AllisonTerry Labonte
5/20/1984Budweiser 500Richard PettyRicky Rudd
9/16/1984Delaware 500Harry GantTerry Labonte*
5/19/1985Budweiser 500Bill ElliottTerry Labonte*
9/15/1985Delaware 500Harry GantBill Elliott
5/18/1986Budweiser 500Geoff BodineRicky Rudd
9/14/1986Delaware 500Ricky RuddGeoff Bodine
5/30/1987Budweiser 500Davey AllisonBill Elliott
9/20/1987Delaware 500Ricky RuddAlan Kulwicki
6/05/1988Budweiser 500Bill ElliottAlan Kulwicki
9/18/1988Delaware 500Bill ElliottMark Martin
6/04/1989Budweiser 500Dale EarnhardtMark Martin
9/17/1989Peak Performance 500Dale EarnhardtDavey Allison
6/03/1990Budweiser 500Derrike CopeDick Trickle
9/16/1990Peak Antifreeze 500Bill ElliottBill Elliott
6/02/1991Budweiser 500Ken SchraderMichael Waltrip
9/15/1991Peak Antifreeze 500Harry GantAlan Kulwicki
5/31/1992Budweiser 500Harry GantBrett Bodine
9/20/1992Peak Antifreeze 500Ricky RuddAlan Kulwicki
6/06/1993Budweiser 500Dale EarnhardtErnie Irvan
9/19/1993SplitFire Spark Plug 500Rusty WallaceRusty Wallace
6/05/1994Budweiser 500Rusty WallaceErnie Irvan
9/18/1994SplitFire Spark Plug 500Rusty WallaceGeoff Bodine
6/04/1995Miller Genuine Draft 500Kyle PettyJeff Gordon
9/17/1995MBNA 500Jeff GordonRick Mast
6/02/1996Miller 500Jeff GordonJeff Gordon
9/15/1996MBNA 500Jeff GordonBobby Labonte
6/01/1997Miller 500Ricky RuddBobby Labonte
9/21/1997MBNA 400Mark MartinMark Martin
5/31/1998MBNA Platinum 400Dale JarrettRusty Wallace
9/20/1998MBNA Gold 400Mark MartinMark Martin
6/06/1999MBNA Platinum 400Bobby LabonteBobby Labonte
9/26/1999MBNA Gold 400Mark MartinRusty Wallace
6/04/2000MBNA Platinum 400Tony StewartRusty Wallace
9/24/2000MBNA.COM 400Tony StewartJeremy Mayfield
6/03/2001MBNA Platinum 400Jeff GordonDale Jarrett*
9/23/2001MBNA Cal Ripken, Jr. 400Dale Earnhardt Jr.Dale Jarrett
6/02/2002MBNA Platinum 400Jimmie JohnsonMatt Kenseth
9/22/2002MBNA All-American Heroes 400Jimmie JohnsonRusty Wallace
6/01/2003MBNA Armed Forces Family 400Ryan NewmanRyan Newman
9/21/2003MBNA America 400Ryan NewmanMatt Kenseth*
6/06/2004MBNA 400: A Salute To HeroesMark MartinJeremy Mayfield
9/26/2004MBNA America 400Ryan NewmanJeremy Mayfield
6/05/2005MBNA RacePoints 400Greg BiffleJimmie Johnson*
9/25/2005MBNA RacePoints 400Jimmie JohnsonRyan Newman
6/04/2006Neighborhood Excellence 400Matt KensethRyan Newman
9/24/2006Dover 400Jeff BurtonJeff Gordon
6/04/2007Autism Speaks 400 presented by VisaMartin Truex Jr.Ryan Newman
9/23/2007Dodge Dealers 400Carl EdwardsJimmie Johnson
6/01/2008Best Buy 400 benefiting Student Clubs for Autism SpeaksKyle BuschGreg Biffle
9/21/2008Camping World RV 400 presented by AAAGreg BiffleJeff Gordon
5/31/2009Autism Speaks 400 presented by Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips & CheeseJimmie JohnsonDavid Reuitimann
9/27/2009AAA 400Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson
5/16/2010Autism Speaks 400 presented by HERSHEY’s Milk and MilkshakesKyle BuschMartin Truex Jr.
9/26/2010AAA 400Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson
5/15/2011FedEx 400 benefiting Autism SpeaksMatt KensethJimmie Johnson*
10/2/2011AAA 400Kurt BuschMartin Truex Jr.
6/3/2012FedEx 400 benefiting Autism SpeaksJimmie JohnsonMark Martin
9/30/2012AAA 400Brad KeselowskiDenny Hamlin
6/2/2013FedEx 400 benefiting Autism SpeaksTony StewartDenny Hamlin
9/29/2013AAA 400Jimmie JohnsonDale Earnhardt Jr.
6/1/2014FedEx 400 benefiting Autism SpeaksJimmie JohnsonBrad Keselowski
9/28/2014AAA 400Jeff GordonKevin Harvick
5/31/2015FedEx 400 benefiting Autism SpeaksJimmie JohnsonDenny Hamlin
10/4/2015AAA 400 Kevin HarvickMatt Kenseth*
5/15/2016AAA 400 Drive for AutismMatt KensethKevin Harvick***
10/2/2016Citizen Soldier 400Martin Truex Jr.Brad Keselowski**
6/4/2017AAA 400 Drive for AutismJimmie JohnsonKyle Busch
10/1/2017Apache Warrior 400 presented by Lucas Oil Kyle Busch Martin Truex Jr.
5/15/1982Late Model Sportsman 200Joe RuttmanHarry Gant
5/14/1983Late Model Sportsman 200Ricky RuddDavid Pearson
5/19/1984Budweiser 200Sam ArdRon Bouchard
5/18/1985Budweiser 200Darrell WaltripRon Bouchard
5/17/1986Budweiser 200Darrell WaltripBrett Bodine
9/13/1986Grand National 200Morgan ShepherdMorgan Shepherd
5/30/1987Budweiser 200Mark MartinRick Mast
9/19/1987Grand National 200Rick MastHarry Gant
6/04/1988Budweiser 200Bobby HillinMike Alexander
9/17/1988Grand National 200Michael WaltripHarry Gant
6/03/1989Budweiser 200Rick WilsonHarry Gant
9/16/1989Ames/Peak Performance 200Ken SchraderMichael Waltrip
6/02/1990Budweiser 200Michael WaltripBobby Labonte
9/15/1990Ames/SplitFire 200Harry GantTommy Ellis
6/01/1991GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Todd BodineDave Mader
9/14/1991SplitFire Spark Plug 200Harry GantButch Miller
6/01/1992GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Robert PressleyTodd Bodine
9/19/1992SplitFire Spark Plug 200Robert PressleyJeff Gordon
6/05/1993GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Todd BodineWard Burton
9/18/1993SplitFire Spark Plug 200Todd BodineTerry Labonte
6/04/1994GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Mike WallaceRicky Craven
9/17/1994SplitFire Spark Plug 200Johnny BensonHarry Gant
6/03/1995GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Mike McLaughlinTracy Leslie
9/16/1995MBNA 200Johnny RumleyJason Keller
6/01/1996GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Randy LaJoieBobby Labonte
9/14/1996MBNA 200Randy LaJoieRicky Craven
5/31/1997GM Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200Bobby LabonteDick Trickle
9/20/1997MBNA 200Joe BesseyDick Trickle
5/30/1998MBNA Platinum 200Dale Earnhardt Jr.Kevin Lepage
9/19/1998MBNA Gold 200Matt KensethKevin Grubb
6/05/1999MBNA Platinum 200Dale Earnhardt Jr.Dick Trickle
9/25/1999MBNA Gold 200Casey AtwoodMatt Kenseth
6/03/2000MBNA Platinum 200Jason KellerKevin Harvick
9/23/2000MBNA.COM 200Matt KensethMike Skinner
6/02/2001MBNA Platinum 200Jimmy SpencerJeff Green*
9/02/2001MBNA.COM 200Jeff GreenRyan Newman
6/01/2002MBNA Platinum 200Greg BiffleJeff Green
9/21/2002MBNA All-American Heroes 200Scott WimmerKevin Lepage
5/31/2003MBNA Armed Forces Family 200Joe NemechekJoe Nemechek
9/20/2003The Stacker 200 presented by YJ StingerBrian VickersKevin Harvick*
6/07/2004MBNA America 200**Greg BiffleDavid Green
9/25/2004The Stacker 2 Hundred presented by YJ StingerMartin Truex Jr.Kasey Kahne
6/07/2005Budweiser 500Martin Truex Jr.Carl Edwards*
9/24/2005Dover 200Ryan NewmanRyan Newman
6/03/2006StonebridgeRacing.com 200Jeff BurtonKevin Harvick*
9/23/2006Dover 200Clint BowyerScott Riggs
6/02/2007Dover 200Carl EdwardsDenny Hamlin
9/22/2007RoadLoans.com 200Denny HamlinGreg Biffle
5/31/2008Heluva Good! 200Denny HamlinCarl Edwards
9/20/2008Camping World RV Sales 200 Supporting the Childress Institute for Pediatric TraumaKyle BuschKyle Busch
5/30/2009Heluva Good! 200Brad KeselowskiJoey Logano
9/26/2009Dover 200Clint BowyerKyle Busch
5/15/2010Heluva Good! 200Kyle BuschKyle Busch
9/25/2010Dover 200Kyle BuschJoey Logano
5/14/20115-hour ENERGY 200Carl EdwardsCarl Edwards*
10/1/2011OneMain Financial 200Carl EdwardsElliott Sadler
6/2/20125-hour ENERGY 200Joey LoganoRyan Truex
9/29/2012OneMain Financial 200Joey LoganoDarrell Wallace Jr.
6/1/20135-hour ENERGY 200Joey LoganoAustin Dillon
9/28/20135-hour ENERGY 200 benefiting Living Beyond Breast CancerJoey LoganoJoey Logano
5/31/2014Buckle Up 200 presented by Click It or TicketKyle BuschJoey Logano
9/27/2014Dover 200Kyle BuschJoey Logano
5/30/2015Buckle Up 200 presented by Click It or TicketChris BuescherDarrell Wallace Jr.
10/3/2015Hisense 200Regan Smith Ryan Blaney**
5/14/2016Ollie’s Bargain Outlet 200Erik JonesErik Jones
10/2/2016Drive Sober 200 presented by the Delaware Office of Highway SafetyDaniel SuarezErik Jones
6/3/2017OneMain Financial 200Kyle LarsonKyle Larson
9/30/2017Use Your Melon. Drive Sober 200 Ryan BlaneyWilliam Byron
9/22/2000MBNA e-commerce 200Kurt BuschKurt Busch
6/02/2001MBNA e-commerce 200Scott RiggsScott Riggs
5/31/2002MBNA America 200Ted MusgraveRick Crawford
5/30/2003MBNA Armed Forces Family 200Jason LefflerBobby Hamilton*
6/04/2004MBNA America 200Chad ChaffinCarl Edwards
6/04/2005MBNA RacePoints 200Kyle BuschDavid Starr
6/02/2006AAA Insurance 200Mark MartinDavid Reutimann
6/01/2007AAA Insurance 200Ron Hornaday Jr.Mike Skinner
5/30/2008AAA Insurance 200Scott SpeedMike Skinner
5/29/2009AAA Insurance 200Brian ScottRon Hornaday Jr.
5/14/2010Dover 200Aric AlmirolaKyle Busch
5/13/2011Lucas Oil 200Kyle BuschJustin Marks
6/1/2012Lucas Oil 200Todd BodineKevin Harvick
5/31/2013Lucas Oil 200Kyle BuschDarrell Wallace Jr.
5/30/2014Lucas Oil 200Kyle BuschKyle Busch**
5/29/2015Lucas Oil 200Tyler ReddickRyan Blaney
5/13/2016JACOB Companies 200Matt CraftonWilliam Byron***
6/2/2017Bar Harbor 200 presented by Sea Watch InternationalJohnny SauterChase Briscoe
7/18/1988Delaware 200Jimmy SpencerTom Carey
9/21/2001MBNA e-commerce 150Dale ShawMike Olsen*
9/20/2002MBNA All-American Heroes 150Matt KobyluckPaul Wolfe
9/24/2004MBNA America 150Dale QuarterleyTim Andrews
9/23/2005MBNA RacePoints 150Andy SanterreRyan Moore
9/22/2006Sunoco 150Tim AndrewsSean Caisse
9/21/2007Sunoco 150Sean CaisseJeffrey Earnhardt
9/19/2008Sunoco 150Aric AlmirolaBrian Ickler
9/25/2009Sunoco 150Brett MoffittMatt DiBenedetto
9/24/2010Sunoco 150Brett MoffittMax Gresham
9/30/2011Dover 150Darrell Wallace Jr.Darrell Wallace Jr.
9/28/2012American Real TV 150Corey LaJoieDarrell Wallace Jr.
9/27/2013Drive Sober 150Austin HillCale Conley
9/26/2014Drive Sober 150Austin HillJesse Little
10/3/2015Drive Sober 125Collin CabreWilliam Byron*
9/30/2016Dover 125Kyle BenjaminJustin Haley*
9/29/2017NFFF 125 presented by Carl Deputy And Son BuildersHarrison BurtonCollin Cabre

*Qualifying was not held due to inclement weather. Drivers started according to driver point standings.
**Qualifying was not held due to inclement weather. Drivers started according to owner point standings.
***Qualifying was not held due to inclement weather. Drivers started according to fastest practice speeds.