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RV Parking


When you attend a race at Dover International Speedway, parking should not be an issue. We want you to find a parking spot quickly, so you can start to enjoy your day at the Monster Mile, whether that’s by setting up a monstrous tailgating party, exploring our eight-acre FanZone or heading inside the track to catch some of the pre-race festivities.

To help you arrive and park with ease at the Monster Mile, here are some helpful hints. And below the tips you can find a few pull-down options that will help as well.

  • Arrive early! A Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race can draw around 85,000 people, so that means there will be quite a few cars on the road. So leave yourself a little extra time to get into your space and started on your day at the track.
  • Bring cash! But don’t worry, you don’t need too much of it. For our Sunday Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races, parking is $10 per vehicle, cash only. Parking for Friday and Saturday races is free.
  • Follow the signs! Other local sites that offer parking on race weekend charge varying fees to park. As long as you follow the DelDOT signage onto Dover International Speedway grounds, you will pay just $10 on Sunday.
  • Don’t get careless! At the Monster Mile, you are parking at your own risk. So when you head inside the track or over to the FanZone, lock up your vehicle and all of your valuables.
  • Follow the rules! We can almost guarantee your enjoyment if you pay attention to our staff and its directions. Please stay out of restricted areas and observe all signs so you can get to your spot, get comfortable and start having fun as quickly as possible.
  • Remember where you park! You don’t want to leave a great day of racing action only to spend the next few hours trying to locate your vehicle. So remember what section you parked in, and if that’s not good enough, write it down.
  • For ADA parking information, click here.

While we are certainly able to accommodate you for parking on race weekend, the traffic situation can get complicated when bringing so many people into one place. Luckily, at Dover International Speedway we can help you bypass the drive altogether with a shuttle that fans can grab from the Christiana Mall in Newark, Del., and take right to the track.

Buses have a special mass-transit route that allows them faster access off of Route 1 and into our motorcoach parking lot near the FanZone and Monster Monument in Victory Plaza. It’s the fastest way to go!

Are you coming from north of the track and feel like letting someone else make the drive to Dover for you? Well we’ve got you folks covered as well, as you can board a park-and-ride shuttle from the Christiana Mall’s North parking Lot in Newark, Del. and ride it directly to Dover International Speedway.

The Christiana shuttle costs $17 per person, which includes parking and round-trip bus service to the track. However, there are only 800 seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. All carry-on items must be stored under your seat. The service begins at 8 a.m. and will return passengers to the Christiana Mall immediately after the race. To get more information on this service, call Advance Student Transportation at 302-998-6726.


No matter how you get to the Monster Mile, we know that many of you are going to want to set up a spot and tailgate when you arrive…and we fully encourage that! All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules that will help everyone enjoy themselves. They are:

  • If it fits, it’s allowed! We ask that you only bring to your tailgate what can fit in your vehicle. This includes items like portable grills, shade tents and other standard tailgating items.
  • No vehicle extensions! To ensure that each fan enjoys their tailgate and space is equally distributed to our patrons, we ask that no extensions (i.e. trailers) be added to vehicles to carry extra items. This allows each customer a right to the space they paid for and helps make sure everyone in the lot is granted equal space to tailgate in.
  • Safety first! We don’t want you getting hurt if you decide to set up shop in your space and throw a little tailgate…or even a big tailgate. So we ask that you not start any ground fires in your space, and if you decide to erect a flag to give your tailgate some personality, use common sense and make sure you do it at least 100 feet away from telephone and power lines.
  • Be neighborly! Tailgating is a community activity, so be courteous to your neighbor. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.