Why every race fan needs to attend NASCAR in person | Dover International Speedway

August 17, 2015

Why every race fan needs to attend NASCAR in person

By Brendan O’Meara

You call yourself a NASCAR fan? Prove it.

Because no self-respecting fan of NASCAR watches the Sprint Cup from their living room, stuck in between the creases in their couch when they can be in the wide-open grandstands embracing a full-throttle, die-hard racing experience at the Monster Mile.

The living room is easy, but Dover is memorable.

This October, you have the chance to visit Dover International Speedway for something you’ll talk about the rest of the year—the final race in the Challenger Round in the Chase.

Dover’s last race of the season lands on the third and final leg of the Challenger Round, the first of the Chase where 16 drivers slash down to 12. Win and the driver advances. Behind that winner, a dozen or so drivers will scramble for points while pushing the limits of their cars to keep hope alive as the Sprint Cup heads to the Contender Round. That’s the subtext heading to Delaware the morning of this race.NASCARinPerson-Dover-revised-1

Add to that the environment of the track. It harkens images of the state fair with a five-sense stampede of stimulation. The smells of fried dough and BBQ, the grip of the race simulators, the sight of Miles the Monster and, without question, the tympanic onslaught of the drivers starting their engines for 400 tight laps and only 12 staying alive for the second round of the playoffs.

For example, the No. 1 reason to watch a race at Dover is the size of the track: one Monster Mile oval. That means at just about every turn you can experience a great view of the race. You’ll never lose sight of these cars around this tightly packed oval. But a trip to Dover doesn’t just involve the race; it’s a full-on day or weekend experience you can’t replicate no matter the size of your television.

While at Dover, you can visit the Monster Monument at Victory Plaza, a 46-foot-tall statue of Miles the Monster holding a full-size stock car in his right hand. Something the kids will absolutely remember


Prior to the final race of the Challenger Round in the Chase, conveniently at Dover, visit the FanZone and jam to some live music, meet a Sprint Cup driver and ask him or her a burning question or enjoy the thrills of all the carnival-like activities.

Also, a general admission ticket grants you a complimentary FanVision or racing scanner to keep you plugged into what’s happening with the drivers as they burn around the Monster Mile.

This just scratches the surface of what a Sprint Cup race, and Dover specifically, offers over the easy alternative of watching the race on TV. Staying home is comfortable, but bringing the whole family to a NASCAR race could be an experience you talk about for months after the race.

Once there, you’ll realize your biggest regret would have been the one you avoided by getting to Dover and strapping in for an intense race you can only get in person.

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