Xfinity Presents: Technology that defines NASCAR – Officiating

Speed, coverage and control are critical elements of maintaining a fair competitive environment through race officiating. Crew chiefs and NASCAR officials discuss innovations in officiating that help enforce the rules in the video series “Xfinity Presents: Technology that Defines NASCAR.”

Today, car inspection before and after qualifying and racing is conducted via lasers and cameras in the Optical Scanning Station; timing loops enforce pit road speed limits; and about 46 cameras mounted above pit road ensure pit crews stay within the rules as well as their pit boxes.

Improving parity in the sport is one benefit of this latest evolution from tape measures to templates and now lasers for inspection, said John Probst, VP of Innovation and Racing Development for NASCAR. But speed of inspection is another huge advance.

The pit road officiating trailer now houses officials using automated systems to make calls faster and with more control than ever before. Then the infractions and penalties can quickly be communicated to crew chiefs, spotters and drivers.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our process,” said Elton Sawyer, VP of officiating and inspection for NASCAR. “Through technology we have made some huge gains and we’ll continue to do that and we’re hoping to bring that experience to the fans as well.”

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