Ease Your Admission/Parking Tips For Oct. 4-6

Dover International Speedway welcomes all its guests for the Oct. 4-6 NASCAR tripleheader weekend.

To ensure you make your way to your seats to enjoy the day’s race as quickly as possible, please follow these helpful hints to ease your admission process at the gates:

  • ARRIVE EARLY: The easiest way to beat the rush into the grandstands is to get there before the crowds do.
  • HAVE BAGS/COOLERS READY FOR INSPECTION: For your safety and the safety of all of our great race fans, we will be conducting bag and cooler searches upon entry. To speed up this process, make sure you have all pockets of your bag and/or cooler open and ready to be inspected.

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    Get ready to have a great time at Dover International Speedway this weekend!
  • SEARCH FOR SHORT LINES: While your race ticket states which gate to use for the most direct access to your seat in the grandstands that is not the only gate you can use to get into the race. Click here to see a grandstand access map, and learn which other gates you can use to access your seating section.
  • FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH GRANDSTAND POLICIES: Click here for our full list of grandstand policies, which outlines all allowed items, as well as prohibited items, to help you plan ahead for what you can bring into the race.


  • ARRIVE EARLY: A Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race can draw around 85,000 people, so that means there will be quite a few cars on the road. So leave yourself a little extra time to get into your space and started on your day at the track.
  • BRING CASH: But don’t worry, you don’t need too much of it. For our Sunday Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races, parking is $10 per vehicle, cash only. Parking for Friday and Saturday races is free.
  • FOLLOW THE SIGNS: Other local sites that offer parking on race weekend charge varying fees to park. As long as you follow the DelDOT signage onto Dover International Speedway grounds, you will pay just $10 on Sunday.
  • DON’T GET CARELESS: At the Monster Mile, you are parking at your own risk. So when you head inside the track or over to the FanZone, lock up your vehicle and all of your valuables.
  • FOLLOW THE RULES: We can almost guarantee your enjoyment if you pay attention to our staff and its directions. Please stay out of restricted areas and observe all signs so you can get to your spot, get comfortable and start having fun as quickly as possible.
  • REMEMBER WHERE YOU PARK: You don’t want to leave a great day of racing action only to spend the next few hours trying to locate your vehicle. So remember what section you parked in, and if that’s not good enough, write it down.