How the 2020 Fantasy Live game works

Get the scoop on how the 2020 NASCAR Fantasy Live game works and what changes are in store for the playoff portion of the game this season.

NASCAR Fantasy Live is back in action with the resumption of the 2020 season at Darlington Raceway with a few tweaks from last year’s game. Players can sign up right now to jump in on the action or continue their season.

Mobile Roster Screen

Accessing the game to set your roster can be done by logging into your account and going to the Fantasy page ( You also can access the game by opening the NASCAR Mobile App, logging into your account and clicking the Fantasy icon on the bottom of the app. Mobile users can also opt in to receive fantasy alerts to help stay on top of your roster each week.

What is the roster composition?
The roster will consist of five starting drivers as well as a garage driver in reserve (more below on that). Driver and garage selections lock five minutes before the race start time.

How does the garage driver work?
Players can substitute their one garage driver for any starting driver up until the start of the Final Stage. Once the Final Stage starts, there are no more switches allowed.

So which drivers end up scoring points?
The drivers ending the race in your main roster will comprise the drivers that make up your total score. These are also the drivers who will be counted as being used for that particular race. A driver that ends the race in the garage would not count as being used nor would their results count toward your score.

Are there any limits to how much a driver can be used?
Yes, players can only use a particular driver up to 10 times over the 26 regular-season races. A usage tracker will be displayed on your roster screen, showing the number of remaining driver uses you have during the season.

NEW THIS YEAR!!! For the playoffs, driver uses will reset and you can only use a particular driver up to five times over the 10 races of the playoffs. Playoff rosters will consist of five starters and one garage driver. There will be no restrictions on how many playoff or non-playoff drivers you can or can’t use, but you will only be able to use drivers five times during the scheduled playoff portion of the season (slated to be Darlington on Sept. 6 to Phoenix on Nov. 8). There will be no playoff-specific bonus pick as in past years.

Desktop Live Scoring

What is the scoring system?
The scoring will reflect the NASCAR’s scoring system. For example, if Kevin Harvick wins Stage 1 and Stage 2 and wins the race, he will earn players 60 fantasy points for that particular race just as he would earn 60 points for himself in the season standings.

Drivers running in the top 10 at the end of Stage 1 and Stage 2 receive points, starting with 10 points for first, nine for second, etc. The race winner receives 40 points, while second place receives 35 points, third receives 34 points and all the way down to 1 point for drivers that finish 36th through 40th.

Will the at-track post-race inspection model have an impact on scoring?
The results won‘t be official until the at-track post-race inspection is complete — that should be about 90-120 minutes after the race. Since scoring mirrors that of the drivers in real life, it means that if a driver in your lineup fails post-race inspection, your lineup would be subject to the same impact as the driver is — last-place points. On the positive side, if you didn‘t have a penalized driver in your lineup, the rest of the finishing order moves up, meaning you could potentially pick up points.

Are there any additional bonus picks?
Yes, players can make bonus picks for the pole winner, Stage 1 winner, Stage 2 winner, race winner and manufacturer winner. The pole winner bonus pick selection will lock approximately five minutes before the start time of qualifying. All other bonus picks lock five minutes before the race start time. Bonus picks DO NOT count against driver usage.

What is the value of each bonus pick?
Pole Winner (IF QUALIFYING IS SCHEDULED) (5 points for correct pick)
Stage 1 Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Stage 2 Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Race Winner (10 points for correct pick)
Winning Manufacturer (10 points for correct pick)

Will my leagues and teams from last year be available?
Yes, any team or league that was active at the end of last season or active prior to the COVID-19 stoppage will be available once you log in.

Can I copy my roster for multiple leagues?
Yes, you can copy your picks from one entry to another by using the copy icon located next to your entry name.