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Member of the Month: January

Meet Bryan, the Official NASCAR Fan Council Member of the Month for January 2021.

Name: Bryan
Current City: Long Valley, New Jersey
Member Since: 2018

Getting to KNOW BRYAN:
?Q. ? How did you first become interested in NASCAR?
"My dad took me to a race at Pocono in 2007 when I was 8 years old and I fell in love with the sport. I began watching every race for the rest of that season and I have watched almost every race since. Me and my dad have attended one or two races every year since 2007. NASCAR is my favorite sport of all, and I continue to follow it very closely.”

Q. What is your favorite part about NASCAR?
"The sound and speed of the pack of cars flying past is not like anything you could ever experience anywhere else. I love being at a race live to experience this and to smell the fuel and rubber as well. Being able to get hot passes and walk the garage and pit road on race day is amazing. We always have our scanner to listen to radios during a race which just adds to the race experience."

Q: What is your favorite NASCAR memory?
"My favorite memories from NASCAR races would be watching Jeff Gordon win at Dover (International Speedway) in 2014 as that was the only time I got to see my favorite driver win in person. The memories made going to races with my dad and camping in an RV outside the track for a race weekend with family and friends are the best memories I have from my NASCAR experiences."

Q: Do you have a favorite in any of the following categories?
Current Driver: "Matt DiBenedetto."
Past Driver: "Jeff Gordon."
Track: "Martinsville Speedway."
Sponsor: "Busch Beer is my favorite current sponsor because I like their creativity and they produce the best paint schemes. They have a lot of special paint schemes that are all great."

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
"I am currently in college, so my free time is occupied by homework or working a job. Otherwise I watch sports of all kinds, especially NASCAR. I like watching old NASCAR races and I go season by season; currently I am watching back the 2010 season. I also enjoy playing NASCAR video games."

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