Track Facts – Ally Monster Bridge


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Sitting 29 feet above the entrance to Turn 3, Dover Motor Speedway’s Ally Monster Bridge offers “The Most Exciting Seat in Sports” to the lucky fans occupying it every time a NASCAR weekend rolls around.

Dover Motor Speedway works with our sponsors and partners to use the seats in the Ally Monster Bridge as prizes for contests and promotions. Because there are only 56 seats available, the demand outweighs the supply. Therefore, the seats are not for sale.

This way, by winning a contest or giveaway, orchestrated by our sponsors, fans will have the opportunity to watch a race from what USA Today called the best seats in NASCAR.

First occupied during the June 4-6, 2004, race weekend, the glass-enclosed structure offers an unmatched view of NASCAR action. All of the theater-style seats provides audio access to NASCAR race coverage via TV and radio, along with race team communications. A full-service bar, wall-to-wall carpeting and a climate-controlled interior add to the experience.

Many of the seats are autographed by Dover race winners, including Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin and Martin Truex Jr.